Property Investors

Investment Consultancy

GPS consultancy service provides you with a range of information, necessary to make your property purchase. Our service covers all areas of property investment, including information on:

  • The economy and market trends
  • Area or suburb statistics
  • First Home Owners Grant
  • Property Management
  • Finance
  • Settlement
  • Insurance
  • Builders and Developers
  • Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)

We can meet you from Monday to Sunday, 8am – 8 pm, either at our office or a private location that suits you.

Market Research

When buying an investment property, it is imperative that substantial research be done. Often people do not know what research needs to be done when buying a property. The easiest way to understand what research needs to be done is to put yourself in the tenants’ shoes.

When you were a tenant, what did you like best about the place you lived? Obviously, you would have liked the fact that the property was relatively new, clean and well presented and also fairly close to amenities, in particular restaurants, schools, trains and bus routes, and also fairly close to shopping centers so that you do not have to drive for half an hour to get to a shopping centre when all you wanted was a newspaper.  You would want to duck out, and possibly either walk or drive to the nearest of the shopping centre to pick up whatever you needed.

Your tenant, when they are looking at your property in comparison to an older property or a less desirable property will look at all these things, in other words, schools restaurants, shopping centers and convenience of transport. If we are to look at properties that are available at similar prices, the tenant that does not have enough money will choose the lower-priced one, as they do not really care where they live or cannot afford a better property. Whilst not being discriminatory, my experience has shown that people who have no money or unable to afford the better properties often have a lower self esteem as well, which would translate in less care of your property.

If there are enough amenities around there is less likelihood of the tenants moving as they tend to enjoy the lifestyle  and convenience around them.

When doing the research, you need to also look at the factors that could signal an increase in general property prices in the area for example, look for new infrastructure being planned by the Council or the State government. A good example would be a rail network that will be upgraded, or a new factory being put in place, which would allow for more jobs, therefore a higher population, which translates into more tenancy.

Such research takes quite a while to do and often most people when they start investing do not have the time or the facilities to do this research, and therefore it is prudent to allow the experts in the field to do the research for you and pay them a premium.

Depending on how this is structured, the fee may be tax deductible. This will save you both time and make you money in the future as the property that you would select would be very well researched and with the right research, definitely earmarked for growth.

Property market research is the key to successful property investment. Our research services are tailored to your individual circumstances, and present you with a variety of options and insights that complement your financial position. Our research report will arm you with the information and knowledge that will give you confidence when making a decision.

The types of market research reports available are:

  • Individual Property Market Research: A comprehensive look at the property market, tailored to your individual situation. This report will arm you with the correct knowledge, to find a profitable and long term investment.
  • Property Market Updates

Wanting to keep an eye on that property? Will your suburb’s growth continue? Via our Property Market Update, we will keep you informed, allowing you to keep your investment strategy current and effective.

Investment Analysis

Some of the questions you may have are – Should I buy, keep, sell, develop, renovate, or am I simply getting the most out of my property?

These questions and more are all answered through our Property Investment Analysis reports.

The two analysis types are:

  • Property Performance Analysis: Properties we purchase to build our investment portfolio can often perform below our expectations. This service is specifically designed to determine the true profitability of a property and to recommend changes and ideas to capitalise on the properties true potential. All of which are designed to meet your investment objectives.
  • Property Options Analysis: This type of analysis is ideal for those who would like to determine the options available to them. This report can also be used for existing properties, where owners want to determine the most profitable options available to them. This report can also be used as an additional pre purchase due diligence method.

Purchasing Property

Our mission is to assist our clients by researching and presenting quality investment properties. GPS is an independent organisation; you can therefore be assured that a wide range of properties will be made available to you. Due diligence and extensive research is conducted on your behalf, ensuring you will have the full facts before making a purchase. You will be guided to profit by selecting well positioned Capital Growth and High Rental Yield Properties and be protected from many potential pitfalls.

Our service includes:

  • Requirements – Uncovering your needs with a focus on determining your property requirements and how they can be met.
  • Finance – Assisting you to arrange finance, that is consistent with your property investment needs.
  • Research – Comprehensive market research will be carried out to match a location, and property type to your investment needs.
  • Search – Based on the property research or other criteria, we then search and locate appropriate properties.
  • Analyse – Once several properties have been identified, they will then be analysed to determine their profitability and other suitability factors with respect to your needs.
  • Present – A viewing and briefing of all properties that meet your criteria. This includes market research, pictures, property investment analysis reports and descriptions.
  • Due Diligence – A further in depth analysis of the properties you have chosen to ensure that all vital information is known.
  • Negotiate – Obtaining the best price and deal for your selected property, with the utilisation of agents and area specialists.
  • Settlement – Overlooking the process, and following through on the acquisition of your new property.
  • Management – Ensuring full protection of your asset, via the appointment of professional Property Management, who will communicate the leasing and management process with you.
  • Oversee – Reviewing your properties performance, 6 months after purchase.